mobilEncrypt is an encryption solution for mobile users that works directly on the mobile device. mobilEncrypt lets Employees send and read encrypted messages using their existing company email address, which allows IT Managers to leverage their existing infrastructure without having to upgrade or displace any existing mail technology.

    The Encryption Cloud platform allows administrators to centrally manage employees’ email and easily assign user credentials, as well as revoke or suspend them if a device gets lost or stolen. The separate Identity Manager application retrieves Secure ID credentials from the cloud and makes them available to mobilEncrypt.

    Benefits for the Enterprise:

    - Read, send, sign, verify, and add attachments to encrypted messages all on your mobile device
    - Messages are sent and received as encrypted attachments that can be stored encrypted in your inbox or on the device
    - Compose messages in mobilEncrypt and send them via your client of choice.
    - Encrypted data will not be compromised if the device is lost, stolen or hacked
    - Secure messages can be stored on the phone
    - Draft messages are automatically saved
    - Enterprise users can send encrypted messages to anybody
    - Non-mobilEncrypt users pick up encrypted messages from a secure pickup center (web-pickup portal)
    - Uses PKI X.509 certificates that are backed by a globally recognized Certificate Authority

    mobilEncrypt is free for all existing customers of the Encrypted Mail service.

    Echoworx supports industry standard encryption to ensure communications are completely private:

    - PKI Based X.509 Credentials
    - S/MIME for Secure Email Communications
    - 1024 bit RSA End-user Keys
    - 2048 bit RSA CA Keys
    - 3DES and AES-256 symmetric encryption

    About Echoworx
    Echoworx is the leading provider of managed encryption services for complete enterprise email and data protection. Echoworx also provides an API infrastructure for credential management that allows third parties to integrate credential management functionality into their applications.
    The company is an encryption service provider of choice for, Symantec, AT&T, Verizon, BT and Clearswift, among other global resellers.

    About mobilEncrypt and Identity Manager
    Echoworx develops a mobile solution, mobilEncrypt and an Android credential management solution, Identity Manager. They are built on a scalable encryption, digital identity, and authentication platform.
    With mobilEncrypt users can send and receive encrypted messages on their mobile device using their existing company email address. This allows IT managers to centrally manage and assign credentials to employees as well as revoke or suspend these credentials if the device gets lost or stolen.

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