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    Published: 2014-02-03, by .

    Add a layer of security to the e-mails you send and receive

    • Intuitive
    • Advanced search features
    • Gestures to delete/archive e-mails
    • Different e-mail accounts and protocols support
    • Requires another app to enable advanced security features
    • Needs more customization options (themes, fonts,...)

    "Security matters"

    E-mails can contain lot of private stuff you should keep away from sticky noses. Popular e-mail services can be beautiful and intuitive but sometimes lack of basic encryption and security features. Mobile Expert's My Secure Mail adds a layer of security to your personal e-mail account.

    It basically uses certificate status to measure and show the level of security of each e-mail. You can download recipient's certificate from a repository and generate e-mails with certificate request. That's the way to activate My Secure Mail's advance security features. License must be activated and a user certificate must be generated and imported.

    From message security icons users can see at a glance the level of security of each e-mail. mySecurePhone app (available from here) allows users to save secure contacts and decrypt message.

    my Secure Mail is set in a minimalist yet neat and polished layout. It runs smoothly in both tablets and phones, support different e-mail accounts and protocols (POP3, SMTP, IMAP), text formatting tools and a 3x2 home screen widget.

    In a nutshell, a complete, secure and well-crafted e-mail client.

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    my Secure Mail is an easy-to-use, powerful and secure e-mail client which allows you to set up personal and corporate (Exchange ActiveSync) account.

    my Secure Mail Free is well-designed e-mail app, successfully replacing other email clients (such as Gmail, K-9 Mail, Mail Droid, Aqua Mail etc) thanks to easier, faster and more intuitive user interface.

    Now you can check how efficient is securing your conversation for 30 days with the free trial period.

    Key Features of my Secure Mail Free

    - Automatic setup for the most popular email accounts (gmail, yahoo, aol, etc)
    - Supported mail protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP and Exchange ActiveSync (30 days trial period)
    - Instant notification for incoming email through push mail (IMAP IDLE) for servers that support it (eg, Gmail, GMX, etc.)
    - Folders synchronization: Draft, Sent, Trash and user-created folders (IMAP)
    - Full support for attachments (send, receive, open, save on the SD card)
    - Email search – locally on the phone (off-line) and remotely on the mail server (on-line)
    - Security: TLS and SSL support
    - Modern and intuitive interface
    - Widgets (shortcuts to email accounts)
    - Extensive help and tutorials are available in the application
    - No banner ads

    my Secure Mail with cryptographic features enabled

    Once a license Is purchased, additional cryptographic features responsible for encryption and digital signature of emails (based on S/MIME, PKI [Public-Key Infrastructure] and PKCS standards) become available. This allows you to send secure messages and uniquely identify and verify both the sender and the recipient of signed messages sent.

    E-mails encrypted by the sender can be read only by the addressee because only he has a unique private key, a certificate, and a password needed to decrypt them.

    my Secure Mail is integrated with one of the world's widely recognized Certification Authority (CA). As a result, X.509 certificates used to verify the message signature or to encrypt email messages can be generated directly from the application in a few clicks.

    Key Features of my Secure Mail with cryptographic features enabled

    - Encryption of sent emails (3DES, AES)
    - Email signing using electronic signature (SHA, RSA)
    - Ability to import existing third-party user certificates
    - Easy exchange of certificates between users via a dedicated repository
    - Compatible with other SMIME clients (Thunderbird, Outlook etc)
    - Certificates are extracted automatically from e-mails (.cer, .p12, .pfx etc)
    - Signing, encryption and decryption of emails is protected by a password


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