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    The My T-Mobile app is being replaced by the My EE app. If you still want to have access to all our great services with the tap of your finger, you need to install the My EE app now. You will get the chance to do this when you open this update to the My T-Mobile app.

    You won’t need to register again to use the My EE app, you’ll be able to use your existing details that you use to login to the My T-Mobile app.

    Once you’ve updated your copy of the app, you should now have the My EE app installed as well as the My T-Mobile app, which you will need to remove. Don’t worry, you can still do all of the same things on the My EE app, and more.

    The My EE app will allow you to check your balance, and usage, view your bill and even top up.

    You will also see the basic details of your account without even logging in, such as: checking your data usage and out of plan charges.

    Unfortunately you will not be able to continue to use the My T-Mobile app, so make sure that you update today…and don’t delay!


    Select which plan you are on, in this case T-Mobile, and then use your existing username and password to log in. If you need to change between 4GEE, T-Mobile and Orange logins you can do this in the ‘Settings’ area of the app. Once the app has been closed, it will then update with the right info for your plan the next time you open it and log in.


    After you’ve signed up online, close your mobile browser and reopen the app. Log in with the new username and password you’ve set up. Select ‘Keep me logged in’ for quick access in future and add a passcode if you want to secure access to the app.


    The My EE app is the fastest, easiest way to access your accounts quickly and easily on the go. Use it while connected to the EE network, or over WiFi, and you’ll always have the important info you want at your fingertips.

    • See important info at a glance, like how much data you have left and your remaining allowances.
• Keep on top of your billing date and amounts, plus any charges outside your plan allowance.

    • Get detailed info so you can start to really understand your usage and the many benefits of being with EE, besides just being with the UK’s biggest and fastest network.
• Get itemised breakdowns of any charges outside your plan allowances and find out how you can get more detail if you need it.

    • Buy data, photo messaging, calling abroad and roaming add-ons, so you can save even more.

    • Switch between multiple accounts that you have set up with My EE online to help manage different accounts within a plan.
• See all our latest offers and search our Help section to get all your EE questions answered, even when you are offline and have limited or no coverage.
    • Enjoy little extras such as linking the app to your phone’s contacts. This lets you see your contacts’ names instead of their phone numbers on your usage and billing info. Handy. We protect your privacy by using a unique method (patent-pending), so there’s no need to put any of your contact info online.


    • Android users will need at least Ice Cream Sandwich for the app to work. But don’t worry, you can always still use My EE online which will work on your mobile.

    • To download, update and log in to the app you’ll need a data connection. (N.B. While most EE sites are free to use for EE customers, data charges may still apply)

    • If you enter your password incorrectly three times, your My EE account will be suspended for 15 minutes. Keep getting it wrong and, for security reasons, it will be locked and you will have to call 150 to get it unlocked. If you reset a forgotten password and still cannot log in, please allow up to 15 minutes for the new password to take effect.

    • To check your data usage data, you no longer need to switch off your WiFi. Just sign up and log in.

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