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    MyHiddenPhone is the best solution for protect your life.
    MyHiddenPhone is protected by password and data are encrypted. It support encrypted passwrod too for enable maximum security.
    Even if you lose your phone nobody can have access to your info.
    It permits to hide and intercept your SMS, it remove calls from phone call log for protect your privacy. It is a rule based system that permit to manage in a flexible way your privacy.
    It can block phone calls and remove data about.
    MyHiddenPhone contains more and more features too.
    It supports hidden contacts for hide your private contacts and send sms or start calls to them.
    In MyHiddenPhone you can save your private password and notes too.
    You can protect and encrypt your files as private pictures or text.
    MyHiddenPhone can backup and export all your relevant data as contacts,sms and phone log and support cleaning for remove all your unuseful data in a fast way.

    Main features:
    *Manage and protect data
    *Store encrypted contacts,password,file,sms and call log
    *Intercept sms,call with match rules
    *Block anonymous/all/rule based calls
    *Hide information
    *Encrypt data


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