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    An Android web browser
    TRUST: Right permissions with no spying.
    SPEED: No bloat with focus on efficiency.
    FEATURES: Crash restore, undo closed tabs, infinite tabs & more.
    FREE: As in no cost. Not for profit & not ad-supported but the sites you visit may be.

    1) Uses a minimal user interface to conserve resources. If you do not like the screenshots or do not want to learn a new interface then do not install it. Interface uses ENGLISH ONLY.
    2) If you do not like the app name or icon then do not install it.
    3) TIPS section below has important info.

    I wanted a trustworthy browser with features I need yet using as few resources as possible. I hope you enjoy it.

    • Cannot see the browser menus? See below.
    • Close current tab by tapping its tab bar button.
    • The "desktop" button allows you to request and view full, rather than mobile, versions of web sites.
    • Swipe right --> to show bookmarks/history. Long press bookmarks/history to edit.
    • One finger zoom: Double-tap and hold, then swipe to zoom.
    • Undo close tab: Long press new tab "+" button.
    • Choose a search engine for URL bar search: Long press "go" arrow.
    • Adobe Flash support for most pre-Android 4.4 devices: Download Flash player from the Adobe web site & install
    • Bottom menu "exit" button is the only way to gracefully quit, and do things like clear history on exit.
    • Read through browser options and bookmarked help page for more tips.

    If your device has no menu button, you may be able to long press the device app switch button or back button. SHOW MENU GESTURES: Swipe up from bottom corner, OR swipe down from top edge of browser window. Paid Pro of version of Naked Browser provides many more options.

    This thread discusses violations in several popular web browsers:
    Not concerned with privacy? Spying wastes resources (battery, bandwidth, CPU) and slows your device.

    Naked Browser does not use data to spy, monitor, or even show ads. All data transfer is solely as a result of your requests & retrievals. Because Naked Browser is designed for efficiency, you may use more data simply because you can browse sites faster.

    Naked Browser uses the Android WebView that's on your device to display web pages. All data requests & retrievals, all cookies, all passwords, etc. are handled by the WebView and Naked Browser does not interfere with the default behavior. However, versions of Android before 5.0 do not get System WebView updates via the Play Store, and there are known problems with older WebView:
    Android 7+ uses Chrome as WebView, if installed.

    • Internet: ONLY for your web page requests & retrievals. Absolutely no monitoring or snooping, & ad-less too.
    • File read/write: ONLY so you can save & upload files. Absolutely no other reason.
    • View network state: ONLY to handle changes in network connectivity.
    • Keep device from sleeping: ONLY to prevent downloads from being cut off.

    Geo-location, which is in the paid Pro version.

    Designed and made by an independent software developer named Tony in Redwood City, California, United States of America.

    Thanks to Mike & Charlotte for all the alpha testing.

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    Netta J.

    by Netta J.

    Nov 17, 2017  |  "Awesome"


    Eric Stern

    by Eric Stern

    Nov 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    This has been a game changer for me. I'm poor so my only device is a Kindle. All I want to do on it, internet-wise, is read news and learn about ancient history. I managed to get Chrome on the Kindle but it seemed slow and bloaty. NOT Naked Browser. This app has REALLY helped me and I have so much gratitude for its developer. It makes my internet so fast and also made me question why other browsers aren't. I guess it must have something to do with the ads or of them relaying the sites I'm visiting. I don't know and I don't care because I'm done with them. Thanks so much Naked Browser, you've really helped me!



    Nov 07, 2017  |  "OK"

    OK. Ugly app with a blank screen and no change settings option. Boring! Deleted ir

    Fenny Fox

    by Fenny Fox

    Nov 04, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Honestly this is the best browser i can find. Beauty in simplicity keeps efficiency at decency. This is an aspect many devs forgot about long ago. My suggestion would be a plug in to integrate flash support given as a separate app as to reduce bloat on the initial download but give users the option as they so choose. Even still, i support you and the freedom of information over a gnu aspect and will support this software as soon as i get paid! xD Thanks again!


    by sphesihle2

    Nov 01, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Very good app it does exactly what it's supposed to do and nothing more I love this browser

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Oct 30, 2017  |  "Good"

    The adblock needs fixed, it barely blocks anything.