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    Shake a cellular phone sideways, just speak a nickname such as a boss, then you can call.
    Shake a cellular phone lengthways, just speak the name (store name, clinic name, etc.) to search local, then you can display the phone number. As for Nickname Phone Free, dialing is disabled.


    Nickname Function
    At shaking a cellular phone sideways, Nickname Phone calls a voice input and find the phone number that is registered to the phone from voice input nickname, and will automatically dial.
    Registration of nickname, enters a phone number, and enters the nickname by voice input.

    Local Search Function
    At shaking a cellular phone lengthways, Nickname Phone calls a voice input, then searches local from input voice, and will display the phone number.
    The search location becomes the present location at the default.
    The search location can be registered home, or a company, etc.
    The local search from the present location is required GPS.
    The search distance can be registered.

    Shake sensitivity can be adjusted.

    When a cellular phone is displaying the home screen, Nickname Phone can function.
    When a cellular phone is displaying the setting screen of Nickname Phone, Nickname Phone cannot function.
    The local search function needs to enable GPS at the search from the present location.
    But the local search other than from the present location does not need to enable GPS.
    The registration of the search location needs to enable GPS.

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