NKCCluster is a perfect radio-amateur (ham radio) DX cluster companion for when you're "up and about". With its small memory footprint, simple to navigate user interface, support for all popular DX cluster server software, quick and painless filtering, NKCCluster won't quite work you A Rare One all by itself but will definitely make your job much easier.

    NKCCluster is compatible with DX Spider, AR-Cluster, DxNet, CC Cluster, and CLX nodes. It supports connecting to a user-defined DX cluster node, filtering DX spots per bands of interest, convenient lookup of stations' details on the Web, azimuth/bearing calculation, sending new DX spots to a selected cluster node and receiving cluster announcements.

    Permissions this application requires are detailed on

    Why don't you take a look at its Getting Started guide on and decide whether you'd like to give it a try?

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