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    Note It+ Discussion Edition is a full featured note-taking and discussion management tool. A discussion note can be simultaneously annotated by multiple participants, each contributing from his own device. Allowing annotation on PDFs as well.

    The intuitive and natural toolkit of the application enables you to create and maintain notes effectively. Customizable multi-page notebooks can be created and organized into categories. The user can set the desired orientation, dimensions, color and
    grid type for the notes. Notes can also be saved in pdf format. The app also allows sharing of notes via Bluetooth and other sharing applications. Note IT + has an integrated pdf reader which allows notes to be made on any pdf file, and the annotated pdf can be converted to a note file for further sharing and backup.

    -Create & Maintain Full Featured Notebooks
    A notebook can have any number of pages, and UI allows easy scrolling between pages.

    -Notebook customization tools

    The user can set the desired orientation, dimensions, color and grid type for the notes. Notes can also be saved in pdf format and exported to other applications.Chose from horizontal lined, grid, vertical lined, or blank page styles.

    - Integrated Ebook Reader
    A full featured integrated ebook reader, with support for bookmarks, searching, and more

    - Integrated Ebook & PDF Annotator
    Annotate on any pdf based ebook, and save and share the ebook with annotations. Allows you to annotate on all your textbooks. Maintain your Lectures notes by annotating on your subject texts. Import any PDF in to the application and annotate on the pdf.

    - Audio Lookup: AI based voice recognition while reading ebooks
    If you wish to refer something while reading and annotating a pdf, you can do so over voice. Simply speak out what you wish to know, and the ebook reader module looks it up for you

    -Pdf importing

    User and import pdf files in to the application and insert natural sketch
    annotations in them.

    -Shapes and images insertion

    User can insert the desired geometrical shapes into the notes.

    -Cutting Tool

    For cutting portions of images or text inserted, resizing, reorienting, and reshaping them.

    -Hand Tool

    For natural flipping through pages. Integrated scroll bar allows faster swapping through notes over 10 pages.

    -Pen Tool

    The user can select the desired color for the pen and also adjust its width and transparency. Multiple pens can be created and saved for use.

    -Brush Tool

    The user can change the color, width and transparency of the brushes. Maintain multiple named brushes


    Intuitive and easy Undo/redo


    The width and transparency of the eraser can be adjusted.

    NoteIt+ - A Powerful and Intuitive Lecture, Academic, Productivity, and Office Notes tool!

    *Discuss Effectively - White Board Discussions
    *Take Notes in any field
    *Maintain To do notes, reminders
    * Stay Organized
    *Effectively backup and share your notes.
    *Take Lecture Notes Directly on the PDF of you textbooks, or handouts.

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