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    Notification Reminder Notes

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    When to take a break after work?

    When to pick up the kids from their kindergarten?

    When to attend a meeting?

    When to walk the dog?

    Most of us like to use our time by plan or schedule. So it becomes much important how to remember all these work or plans.

    We strongly advise you to use this app- Notification Reminder Notes.


    It is a phone notification notebook.

    It can remind you what to do at proper time with notification and prompt tones.

    In this way, you will never forget your daily affairs with its help and reminding.


    1. Pick dates( Years, Days);

    2. Pick up time( Hours, minutes);

    3. Pick up sound to keep a record of your voice as an audio note;

    4. Edit the text note as a text note;

    5. Click Add to finish your setup.

    In this way, it will remind you of the note until the time that you picked before.

    In details, it will play prompt tone and show you the note with a notification bar so that you can what to do next timely and clearly.

    What a great reminder for you.

    Welcome to free download it from our website!


    If you want to improve your work efficiency, Notification Reminder Notes will help you a lot;

    If you want to live a well-organized life, Notification Reminder Notes will be the best toll for you.

    In a word, Notification Reminder Notes is a great tool for all.


    Please do not forget to read the ads (notification ads or icon ads) in this app while you enjoy this app.


    According to Wikipedia:

    Reminder software is a type of time management computer software that is designed to alert the user of important events that they have input to the program. Most programs provide a calendar and/or list view of events, as well as a reminding technique. Most common reminding techniques are pop-up dialog boxes and auditory alarms.

    Events may include birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, various one-time events. Often the software comes with a set of pre-installed events (such as holidays), and allows user to create custom events.