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    A messaging system that can only be used while on campus. This app is a way to let students, staff, faculty, and anyone else that comes on campus know what is going on instantly. You can post messages about events going on, problems on campus, or ask questions to people that are there at that moment.

    This app is a way to let people know what's happening on campus in a quick user friendly way.

    Messages can only be posted from campus. This is enforced in two ways. If Wifi is not available it will use the GPS to make sure the user is on campus.

    When the app is open you are notified of messages automatically when they are posted.

    User posts are identified by their device id (so don't think you are too anonymous). Display names can be changed to anything and there are no requirements for real names.

    The goal of this technology is to create a tighter community on campus. Communication is powerful so we should see just how connected we can become.

    This app is brought to you by the same author of the UMass Boston Wifi Autologin App.

    This is a project by Joseph Paul Cohen. This app is not created by or in conjunction with UMass Boston.

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