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    Use Ontech SMS if you want to control your Ontech GSM using SMS with a pre-paid SIM card.

    If you instead would like to:
    - receive a free SIM card for use with the Ontech GSM
    - send and get almost unlimited commands and updates from the unit
    - get alarms via e-mail and and/or SMS
    - control your Ontech GSM with any device; Android, iPhone, PC, iPad, etc.
    - have a very user friendly interface for programming and setup (available in Swedish and English)
    - have a SIM card that roams to the best possible GSM operator

    then you should really try out our new web based Ontech Control interface using GPRS (mobile data) instead of SMS. You will also get one month completely free for testing the new interface (without any commitment). Please see or contact for more information.

    This is the official Ontech SMS application.

    In Android 6 (and later) you have to approve the app to send and receive SMS in order to work properly.

    It makes it simple to remotely control your Ontech GSM Unit. Just tap the buttons and the app will automatically send the commands. Get alerted when the unit is alarming.

    Support for models Ontech GSM 9025/9035/9040/9050 and Ontech GSM 9009/9020/9030.

    Support for up to 100 master units.

    The app uses SMS for communication with the GSM unit and the SMS cost will be charged as normal.

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