Open Door To Unlock




    Open the door to unlock your phone screen.
    This screen application stimulates the realistic door in the daily life.
    By pulling the down the handle of the door,the phone screen could be unlocked in a different way.

    How about having a try?

    Main Features:

    1.This screen lock is optimized for the Android phones and tablets.

    2.The method to unlock the screen is very innovative.

    3.Open the door like real,unlock the phone screen.

    4.The door is very nice and simple with a handle on the main screen.

    5.The handle of door is the key to unlock the phone screen.

    6.Most importantly,this screen lock is here totally free for you.

    7.On the main interface,you could check the current time and date quickly.

    User Instructions:

    After you download this application to your phone,please go to setting first.

    In the Settings,you could make a lot of personalized operations.

    ---Enable the locker by ticking the check box.

    ---Select to use the ringtone effect or vibration effect.

    ---While the screen is locked,you could make it display by full screen or with status bar.Both are accessible.

    ---This screen application also supply a quick unlocking for you.This Shortcut is Search button.

    ---Long press the Search key and the screen could also be unlocked quickly.

    In conclusion,there are two ways to unlock the phone screen in total.

    ---Drag down the handle of door and the phone screen could be unlocked.

    ---Press the Search button to unlock fast.

    While the phone screen is unlocked,the app will play sound and vibration to indicate that you have unlocked the phone screen successfully.

    If you like this application,please share it with others around you,such as your friends,family.
    If you have any problem or suggestion,please tell us by email.

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