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    Finally, it's here... OTGA 2. This is v2 of the original OTGA Directory. OTGA 2 comes with 47 default acronyms ready to use at your disposal, however the real fun with OTGA 2 is you now have the ability to ADD/EDIT and DELETE your very own acronyms. You can create your very own acronyms and personalize your OTGA 2 acronym list to your liking.

    This feature is what makes the OTGA 2 so very cool and really YOURS! It's your acronyms, your words, the way YOU like to communicate with your friends, family and colleagues. Once you add a new acronym in your directory, it automatically slots alphabetically in the list so it's easy for you to find.

    Some great ideas for acronyms to add to your directory include the following:

    PPUSF! = please pick up some food!

    WYC? = what you cookin?

    WSFS? = want something from Starbucks?

    WTK? = where's the kids?

    WCY? = what's crackin' yo?

    YTB! = you're the best!

    As you can see, you can really customize your directory any way you like, that's some pretty exciting stuff!

    If there's an acronym you don't want in the directory, hit settings and click the edit function and delete and/or edit the ones you don't like.

    OTGA 2 is a lot of fun. Great app to have handy, particularly if you're one busy ( shut your mouth ).

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