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    Outlook 2007 Video Training

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    Microsoft Outlook 2007 Video Training - Full Version

    This tutorial is designed to get your up-to-speed with your Microsoft Outlook 2007 right away. It is perfect for beginner who wants to understand the basic functions of Outlook.

    Get control of your e-mail by learning how to master the program in our Outlook 2007 training course that will enhance your computer knowledge tenfold. While it's true that e-mail can make communication more efficient, it's also true that the volume of messages can get overwhelming quickly. And, too much e-mail can make you feel out of control, which is where our course comes into help. Our certified subject matter experts will teach you the ins and outs of using the updated version of Outlook and help you gain control of your inbox so that you never have to struggle with unwanted messages again.


    Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook 2007
    1.1 Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook

    Email Basics
    2.1 Setting up an Email Account
    2.2 Working with Email Messages

    Creating and Sending Simple Email Messages
    3.1 Using Spell Check
    3.2 Properly Addressing Email Messages
    3.3 Formatting Email Messages
    3.4 Attaching Files to Messages
    3.5 Forwarding and Replying to Email Messages
    3.6 Printing and Deleting Messages

    Managing Your Emails
    4.1 Setting Message Options
    4.2 Handling Junk Mail
    4.3 Moving and Copying Messages to Folders
    4.4 Searching Folders
    4.5 Deleting Folders
    4.6 Opening and Saving Attachments
    4.7 Flagging Messages

    Contact Management
    5.1 Using Outlook for Managing Contacts
    5.2 Editing Outlook Contacts
    5.3 Navigating the Address Book
    5.4 Using Distribution Lists
    5.5 Deleting Contacts
    5.6 Using Electronic Business Cards
    5.7 Creating New Messages with the Address Book

    Working with Tasks
    6.1 Using the Outlook Task List
    6.2 Editing and Updating Tasks

    Working with Appointments and Events
    7.1 Exploring the Outlook Calendar
    7.2 Creating Appointments
    7.3 Adding Categories to Outlook Items
    7.4 Editing a Calendar Item

    Working with Meeting Requests and Responses
    8.1 Working with Meetings in Outlook
    8.2 Managing Meeting Responses

    Working with Notes
    9.1 Using Notes in Outlook

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