Panic App

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    Panic, Distress, Help, Assault, Alarm, SOS

    PanicApp is your solution!
    Open it, press the red button - help is on its way and knows exactly where you are!

    - Open Settings via the menu
    - Type the number of the one, who shall receive your SOS. You can choose the number in your contacts by pressing the button to the left of the phone number field.
    - Press Panic Text to write your own text, which will be sent, when pressing the red button
    - Press Cease Text to write your own text, which will be sent, when pressing the Cease button
    - Check password, if you want to be sure, tha it is only you who can cease the alarm and change the settings. Notice, you will ALWAYS be able to press the red alarm button without password!

    - When you have saved your settings, the App is active.
    - If you get in trouble, crashes, is mugged or just trips and need help- you just open the app and press the big red alarm button.
    - It sends immediately a text message containing your panic text.
    - Simultaneously it starts locating you using the built-in GPS. As soon as it has a fix, it sends the text message again, now containing a link to Google Maps(TM) with the phones location.
    - The app continues sending text messages every 5 minutes containing the current location. This goes on until the Cease button is pressed.
    - The app continues sending messages even after a restart of the phone. Only pressing the Cease button or uninstallation will stop it!

    Security and warnings
    - Make an agreement with the one, you want to receive your SOS, so the person knows, what's happening if you are in distress. You could test the app together.
    - Be certain it is the right phone number and remember to update it, if it is changed.
    - PanicApp is dependent of the GPS and/or network reception.
    - PanicApp can't be more precise than the phone, network and GPS reception allow!
    - PanicApp will try for about 1.5 minute to get a precise location using the GPS. If this is not possible it will try using the network.

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