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    PanicGuard is the definitive personal safety app, and it is the only app to receive the "Police Preferred" endorsement by the Association of Chief Police Officers .

    PanicGuard is more than an app, it is a 24/7 personal security service accessed via the PanicGuard platform.

    Using the PanicGuard service is extremely easy as everything has been designed and tested to work in dangerous and stressful situations and we therefore have a simple 3 step approach:

    Step 1. Activate PanicGuard
    We take a proactive approach to your safety, and we therefore encourage you to turn on PanicGuard BEFORE you are in a potentially dangerous situation.

    We track you in real time from the moment PanicGuard is activated, even though an alert has not yet been raised. We do this so, that we can backtrack your movements and possibly find CCTV footage on your route for further evidence, if need be.

    Step 2. Activate the Alert
    Sending out an alert is done by either shaking the phone or by using the slider, making it extremely simply to activate in a stressful situation. We assume that when you activate the alert, you are doing this for a reason and we therefore INSTANTLY and automatically do several things;

    Send the alert
    As soon as the alert is activated, your current location and the route from the time of activation of PanicGuard is sent to your emergency contacts via SMS, email, Facebook and Twiter updates.

    Gather evidence
    PanicGuard automatically starts recording video in secrecy, as soon as the alert is activated. We understand that your attacker might either try to steal your phone or try to damage it, which is why we stream it directly to our secure servers, so that the evidence is not stored on the phone, but instead on the PanicGuard website.

    Step 3. Activating the Alarm
    Activating the alarm is done by, either shaking the phone or using the slider. Activating the alarm means that your phone will emit an ear piecing alarm sound, and that the flash on your phone starts to strobe, in order to attract maximum attention.

    Alarm profiles
    We have designed three unique alarm profiles. We understand that the situations you may find yourself in are unique to you and therefore require different approaches to raising an alert/alarm, as it may not always be safe to let an attacker know that an alert has been raised.

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