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    Phone addict monitors how addicted you are to checking your phone/tablet.

    Are you a Phone addict? Are you in the habit of constantly checking your phone/tablet and want to curb that habit? Want to know how many times you have checked your phone/tablet in a day? on a average? or which day you checked the most. Phone Addict helps you to track all these details !! Share with your friends/family the number of times you checked your phone/tablet.

    Key Features:
    Simple intuitive User Interface.
    Monitor usage of your phone/tablet daily.
    Displays your average usage based on your historical data.
    Shows the overall Maximum usage in any given day based on your historical data.
    Activity list provides count by day.
    Share your activity with your friends/family.
    Be notified everyday by Phone Addict about your previous day activity.

    Note: Phone Addict will have to opened at least once before it starts recording Activity. Phone Addict tracks checking based on the number of times you locked/unlocked your phone/tablet.

    On the first day of installing Phone Addict Today and Maximum Activity will be same till Phone Addict starts building history. Phone Addict starts tracking unlocking pattern after it has been installed. So, Today and Maximum Activity will show as '0' if you have not locked and unlocked your phone after installing this app. Average will always be calculated for the days passed. So, current day will not considered for Average calculation and will show as 'N/A' on the first day of installing Phone Addict.

    If you would like Ad Free version, please download it from below link.

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