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    Addicted to mobile? Time is money, don't spend it looking at the screen of your mobile. Be free.

    Do you suffer Nomophobia? Is too late when you realise that you have been using your mobile for too much time? You really don't want to spend your so valuous time? Do you feel trapped by your mobile when you use it? You spend too much time using Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp?
    Do you think that you are addicted to mobile and need to be liberated? Congratulations, the most important is to admit it. And thanks to Mobile Addict, now you will be able to overcome your problem.
    Mobile Addict will let you control the time you are infront of your mobile. You just have to configure number of minutes that you are ready to lose in front of your screen. Then, automatically, when using your mobile and that time will be reached, Mobile Addict will gently advise you to leave the mobile.
    But if that is not enough for you, Mobile Addict can be configured to activate a 2 minutes lock, to force you stop using it.
    Messages are based on a predefined list. If you consider that it would be useful for you to define personal messages (for example, your real todo list items), you just have to install the PRO version and define your personal messages.

    Mobile Addict will help you. But not only you, it will help people around you too. They will appreciate it.

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