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    It is a free version of Phone Bridge providing the same functionality as paid application.
    If you like it you can donate by buying a paid version

    Phone Bridge Free simplifies making calls via
    • Calling card (like callingcards, phonecard, centcalls, cloncom)
    • Meeting Bridge/ Meeting room Conference
    • Low cost access numbers (like dialwise)
    You don’t need to remember your PIN or destination number and re-type it again and again. Just setup calling rules using a simple configuration screen, click Call button and the application will make a call for you using DTMF. A single configuration screen is used in contrast with other calling card applications.
    The application will also intercept all outgoing calls made using standard dial-pad, check if auto-redirection rules are setup for the number and redirect it via the bridge specified if configured.
    The application will update calling log, so you will see the real number, not the calling card number.
    Full control of auto-redirection options is provided. It can be enabled:
    • Never
    • for Mobile Operator you been connected to while making configuration
    • for country you been in while making configuration
    • or always
    You can setup calling rules typing in or picking up numbers from contact list. You can also setup wild card rules putting+ at the end of destination number. For instance 35386+ will redirect all calling numbers started with 35386. In case of two different calling cards are specified for the same destination number, then most recently configured rule or matching wild card will be used for redirection.
    The application will show notification icon and message and also will vibrate a phone if redirection happens.
    The trial version has the following limitations:
    • Up to 5 combinations are stored
    • Up to 3 auto-redirections are supported
    • 1 auto-redirection of wild card is supported
    • No support for wild card exceptions
    • Auto-complete is not supported for numbers

    Please send any suggestions/requests you may have to

    Mini user guide:
    The top dropdown list contains all combinations sorted by time of last usage or name (Click and hold to change the order). Explanation mark shows that auto-redirect is enabled for the combination.
    Bridge number can be typed in or picked up from contacts (click and hold to pick up from contacts)
    PIN can contain P and W in order to specify extra pauses required. P – will stop processing for 2 seconds, W – will wait confirmation from user to continue.
    Phone – the full number or wildcard can be specified. Put + at the end of number in order to use it as a «startwith»wild card.
    Use Pause sliders to setup the duration of corresponding pause. 2 seconds are setup by default. Move a slider left to activate manual confirmation.
    Use check boxes below to define roaming rules for auto-redirection. The rules will be applied taken into account information of operator the rule was created with.

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