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    Do you have the trouble that you do not what to talk too much to someone and it is impolite to leave directly? What should you do to get rid of this kind of things? Now there is a method here! You can receive a fake fall or message and then leave with the excuse that you have some important things to do or your friends ask you do something at once!

    Phony Call Free is an app that can make phony call or send you fake message! You just need set it before and when the time reached, it will call you or send you new message! I bet it is the most realistic fake communication app on this market. Because you can not only receive a call, but also listen someone¡¯s real voice from the calling. As a result, nobody will doubt it is a phony one!


    - Phony Call Free is 100% free for all android mobile phone users!

    - You can not only make a fake call but also create a false short message.

    - Search your daily planes.

    - You can decide when and with which ringtone and who calling you when set fake call; you can also input what message send you and who send you sms.

    - It is the most realistic Fake communication tool in android market!


    When you open the app, there are three icons: PHONE, PLAN and MESSAGE.

    In phone page, you can choose the call contact men from contact book or input his/her name directly! You can decide which ringtone the call use and if there is vibrate to alarm you. Set the call date and time is also supported. The most wonderful thing is you can use a caller sound if you have record his voice before!

    In Plane page, it will record your plane and long press to delete (this function may not supported by some phone version)

    In message page, you could set message sender name, number and what content it send you. You are able to set send time as now or set custom day and time!

    Now with Phony Call Free on your android mobile phone, you need not worry about having no reason to leave some tired condition! And you need not worry about being exposed by others. Even they hand your phone and receive the call or open the message, you can also make it ¡°real¡± will not cause their doubt a little.

    This is really a useful fake call and fake message app and help you get rid of trouble condition! If you tired of some condition and what to leave as soon as possible, this app--- Phony Call Free will be your best choice!

    About telephone call:

    Atelephone call might carry ordinary voice transmission using a telephone, data transmission while the calling party and called party are using modems or facsimile transmission when they were using fax machines. The call might need land line, mobile phone,satellite phone or some combination thereof. Where a telephone call has over one called party it is referred to as a conference call. When two or more users of the network were sharing the same physical line, it was called a party line or called Rural phone line.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To keep totally free, the notification and icon ads were added; hope you can give us five stars or introduce other download it if you think it is a good application; it make fake call or fake message to help you (find right exercise) get rid of bad things!

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