Pick up the phone




    Do not miss any important call from your friends or your loved one!

    This application lets you receive / make urgent calls to and from your friends, family or whoever you want, even if their ringer is off, low, or vibration ! Whether you have an Internet connection or not!

    You can also send voice or video calls that will inmediately play, even if the phonescreen is turned off or locked.

    Example: Your wife needs to contact you urgently and you're in a meeting, and you do not hear the phone ring ... With this application you can decide who can call you and change the status of the ringer of your phone!

    Before you receive or make a call, the application will check the phone of your friend, and if the friends is on the list , the app will raise the volume of the ringtone and call automatically!

    You can also leave a vocal message and / or a written one, and it will be played inmediately and there will be an active alarm for 24 hours on the phone display.

    It's important that 'Pick up the phone' is installed on both phones to take advantage of all the services, but if you can not, you can still receive emergency calls from numbers that you enter the list! It works even if the app is closed or if the smartphone is restarted.

    The application can operate even if one or both smathphones do not have access to an Internet connection, in this case the app takes the advantage of sending an SMS to establish the link! You can disable this feature from the Settings menu of the contact.

    Use " Pick up the phone " to avoid missing important calls !
    Install it now to you and your friends!

    The idea for this app came from a friend, David Moglia
    The whole application was developed by Matteo Valenza

    If you do not like the application I hope you like the cat in the screenshot at least :)

    Description permissions :

    Your location: This allows the application to determine your location, only under your prior consent, send it to a friend, when the urgency is very high.
    Network communication: allows the application to connect to the Internet, communicate with the server to perform the main functions ( calls, messages, voice and video, etc ...)
    Call: allows you to get calls from your friends, on your explicit request .
    Storage: allows you to save the data of your friends in the external memory for offline browsing faster.
    Your Account: allows the app to use the email and phone number, under your consent , to register on the server, so that you can successfully use the application.
    Influence on the battery: If you send a video message , voice or push notification, the phone turns on if paused and could even vibrate.
    System Tools: Checks if there is a memory card, preferable to save the data of your friends, for easy reference offline.
    Send SMS, Receive SMS : allows you to contact your friends , if you do not have an Internet connection, under your prior consent, by sending an SMS .

    All information about your Contact Details will be kept locally on your phone and never send to the server or to the developer.

    Google and the developer are not responsible for any misuse of the application, if you proceed in download you agree to the privacy rules which can be found at:

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