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    Do not download this if you do not have an application that says "Enhanced by Pigeon" in its market description. This app is not meant to be used by itself. And now... one to the description.

    Pigeon is the MUSE Extension that opens the world to every application that utilizes the MUSE Platform. Pigeon serves as a gateway to SMS (Text) Messaging allowing apps to send and receive messages from each other, without being intercepted by other apps.

    Messages from apps may be as simple as text or as complex as data instructions. Phone numbers may selected from the contacts list or an Agent Phonebook. This means that you don't have to worry about messages stealing information using our app. Finally, an application may only send messages to itself; that is, if you share an app from Tinker, the phone you send it to must have Tinker to recieve it.

    By the end of this month, you will be able to choose how apps use Pigeon. Options planned are: International SMS (on/off), Recieve from Contact list only, Limit to specific Phone Numbers.

    Enhanced by:
    Tinker -> Configuration for Application specific settings

    **Developer Information**
    Pigeon is an Intent Gateway/Router that receives specially formatted messages and forwards those messages to the apps responsible for sending them. Since the information is sent in string form, messages are encoded directly by the MUSE library. Messages are decoded by the actual Pigeon SMS Receiver.

    On the receiving application's side, it simply needs a BroadcastReceiver for the Routed Intent. Afterwards, the app has complete control and may start a Service, Activity or even re-Broadcast.

    Pigeon allows for multiple message formats. For instance, Tinker responds to two specific types of messages: those which share applications and those which share settings. It uses two BroadcastReceivers, none of which are ever in conflict, due to our Intent Routing technology.

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