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    Platinum Dialer is a mobile app for VoIP platform that works as a terminal for making VoIP calls. It utilises SIP protocol and requires data service of GPRS/3G/4G or WiFi network. This application is designed for VoIP service providers and end users. Service providers should provide their soft switch IP and port and they will get an operator code for their service. Customizable branded solution also provided for service providers. End user requires operator code, user name and password provided from service provider.
    1. VoIP incoming and outgoing call via GPRS/3G/4G or WiFi data service
    2. Supported codec: G.729, G.711
    3. Support full functional SIP to SIP call with local and remote ring back tone
    4. Works behind NAT
    5. Can bypass any Firewall
    6. Low bandwidth consumption by customized byte saver solution
    7. Can bypass SIP blockage
    8. Smart echo cancellation technique
    9. Synchronization with phone contact
    10. On screen call time display
    11. On screen balance display
    12. Call log of incoming and outgoing calls and, can make call from that log
    13. DTMF support (RFC 2833, SIP Info)
    14. PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) and VAD (Voice Activity Detection) implemented
    15. Works with or without byte saver solution
    16. Alert system by local Inbox message or pop-up message
    17. User panel with login details for service providers. Service providers can see from which country and mobile operator (for GPRS/3G) users are registered
    18. Single customizable solution based on different mobile network/data service

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