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    Prefixer - the original. Now with even more features and dual SIM support*!

    A configurable (rule based) multi-purpose app that will prefix, suffix and/or replace numbers in your calls, provide customizable call notifications, call confirmations, auto handle calls, whitelist/blacklist numbers and more! All this is made on-the-fly based on your own set up rules. Just mix and match conditions and actions as you like!
    You no longer need to manipulate or change your contact list just because your calling plans or habits change.

    The rules in Prefixer are set up using a number of conditions and actions that are easy to configure, enable and disable.
    When the condition(s) in a rule apply – the action(s) are executed.

    Supported rule conditions:
    Number pattern recognition using regular expressions (incl. expression templates and a regular expression cheat sheet)
    Include/exclude secret and unknown numbers
    Contact list existence
    Contact labels (ex. Home, Work, Mobile...)
    Contact group member (ex. Family, Friends, Coworkers...)
    Roaming status
    Network operator (also handles multiple operators on dual SIM devices*)
    Location (country)
    SIM slot*
    WiFi connected/disconnected
    Day of week
    Time of day

    Supported rule actions:
    Add prefix
    Add suffix
    Remove characters
    Replace removed character(s).
    Add original, prefixed or hide number from call log
    Lookup contact (caller id)
    Call confirmation - basic, manual, password protect, auto reject and challenge mode (party mode/drunk blocker)
    Auto handle calls - auto answer, auto answer via speaker phone, deny & silence call
    Personal call notifications with your own configurable vibration patterns, text, font sizes, alignment, colors etc.

    Prefixer also contains an on/off widget for your home screen.

    Great for country codes, calling cards, access numbers, phone extensions, SIP dialing, Google Voice, Skype to go, PBX, Centrex solutions, FRITZ!Box, speed dialing, call confirmation, Facebook contact sync and similar!

    *Please note that dual SIM support is still experimental and might not work to 100% for your specific device. Join our Prefixer Google+ community for more information and to discuss, download and share rules with other Prefixer users:


    You can add and share rules with your friends by using and scanning QR codes, web links or by file (*.prfxr). Complete rule sets can be exported/imported to and from file.

    Prefixer currently supports these languages:
    Brazilian Portuguese
    ...with more languages coming/currently being updated

    About in-app purchases:
    Prefixer is free to use, but comes with some limitations unless supportively unlocked by an in-app purchase. A maximum of one (1) rule for outgoing calls and one (1) rule for incoming calls will be able to be triggered until app is unlocked.

    Please note! If you want to use the widget, install Prefixer directly on the phone (not SD). Otherwise the widget will be removed when enabling USB mass storage and not available until you reboot your system again (the same goes for every app with widget and A2SD functionality).

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