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    PrivacyStar: Block Scams and Telemarketers

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    PrivacyStar: Block Scams and Telemarketers's review

    Published: 2011-06-06, by Peter Warrior.

    A privacy app to control who can call you and who can't.

    • Lots of options
    • Automated features - if you want
    • Report button
    • Only works within US and Canada

    "How to not be untimely bothered"

    When we talk about Privacy Star, a couple of questions quickly arise. Firstly, how can it be that privacy features don't come bundled on your Android. Oh, yes, some default user interfaces let an option or two, but either carriers or manufacturers seem really interested in leaving the chance of blocking your phone beyond robbery and losses. Secondly, why would you need a privacy app. In the end, if you don't want to be found you well might shut your device off.

    In short, what Privacy Star brings is a long list of interesting features. It fetches to its database for unknown numbers, it lets to report spam or telemarketing numbers and, as if this wasn't enough, it can block whole area codes or just create a black list of forbidden numbers able to reach you. Possibilities are nearly endless, as you can leave PrivacyStar on its own to block undesired calls -included debt collection agencies; assign automated polite SMS replies; reject all numbers not previously saved in your agenda or even search through its directory assistance in case you need to find something or someone.

    This app comes with a 7 day trial, which won't be enough as undoubtedly it's an app that gets better every day you have it installed. If we haven't rated it with a solemn 5/5 it's due to the lack of even more creative features: given the insane amount of permissions it needs, it might easily add fake incoming calls and, if it's not much asking, include some shortcuts to sound and notification settings; GPS related features (e.g., block my mother when I'm in my gf's home)... Be as it may, absolutely worth you give it a try.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 06, 2011


    Block any Call, Stop Scams and Telemarketing Calls. Get Enhanced Caller ID and Lookup any Number.

    PrivacyStar is the only service to tell you who is calling and why and helps you STOP unwanted calls!
    Real Time Caller ID, SCAM Blocking and Unlimited Reverse Number Lookups make PrivacyStar the most fully featured and effective call management app available today.

    PrivacyStar protects your privacy and *NEVER TAKES YOUR PERSONAL CONTACT LIST TO SHARE OR SELL.* Information in your contact list is only used by this app to enhance your experience with incoming calls on your device.

    BLOCK CALLS – ANY calls! Especially unwanted calls from Telemarketers, Scammers, Nuisance Callers, Financial Institutions, Surveys, Political Calls, Unwanted Alerts and Notifications, and any call you add to your personal block list.

    STOP SCAMS – PrivacyStar will automatically stop all known scammers from calling you. We update our scam database 24 hours a day to ensure that your app receives up to the minute information allowing you to avoid the latest and most dangerous scams.

    IDENTIFY INCOMING CALLS – PrivacyStar will tell you who is calling and WHY! Real Time Caller ID presents the caller name and additional category information (Telemarketing, Financial Institutions, etc.). PrivacyStar’s enhanced call log and call detail provides even more information about the caller to give you as much information as possible so you only answer the calls that you want.

    BLOCK CATEGORIES – Block entire categories of calls. PrivacyStar enables you to block entire call categories automatically! Scammers, Telemarketers, Financial Institutions, Nuisance Calls, Survey Calls, Political Calls and other call categories can be stopped. You choose the calls that get through and the ones that get blocked.

    LOOK UP NUMBERS – Unlimited reverse number lookups enable you to lookup any number at any time. Enter any phone number into the search box and PrivacyStar will return a result telling you who owns the number and what they might be using it for.

    REPORT CALLERS – By filing complaints against abusive or aggressive callers, you can help stop them from calling you – or anyone else – ever again. These complaints are collected and passed directly to the FTC to help put a stop to nuisance callers.

    Try PrivacyStar for 7 days for FREE and get ALL the features listed below. When your trial expires you can choose to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription or continue using the app for free and block scams and report abusive callers.

    Basic Protection (Always Free)
    PrivacyStar always offers the following features for free to protect you from the worst types of callers:

    • Automatic detection and blocking of known scam numbers
    • Unlimited reporting of abusive callers

    The PrivacyStar subscription service for Android also includes these additional features:

    • Unlimited call blocking
    • Unlimited text blocking*
    • Real-Time Caller ID
    • Text ID
    • Reverse number lookup
    • Real-time call interaction with CallCenter

    * Due to changes in the Android system, text blocking is not available on Android version 4.4 and higher.
    **Real time Caller ID requires a network connection.
    Note: Premium pricing and feature sets may vary slightly by carrier.

    We’d love to hear your feedback, questions, and suggestions so please reach out to us:
    -PrivacyStar FAQ:

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