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    Coreapps ‘private Messages’ is an SMS tool designed to enable users to send and receive encoded, private messages on any Android mobile phone.

    'private Messages' allows your personal, private or sensitive messages to be accessed by the intended recipient, and only the intended recipient. Regardless of the content, it delivers the message, giving the sender the peace of mind that it has not been open to viewing by others in any intermediate service center or gateway, or by others with physical access to the sender’s or recipient’s phone.

    'private Messages' is a shared secret tool, in which the sender and receiver share a password or passphrase, previously exchanged by an alternative mechanism, for example, by talking to each other.

    'private Messages' texts can be protected at three different levels of encoding, depending on the level of security required. At its strongest level it uses Android’s AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard symmetric block cipher with a 256 bit key) support. An intermediate level using AES-128 is provided and the lowest level protects data using a character level scrambling algorithm. The 'passphrase' is never saved in the sender's or receiver's phone.

    'private Messages' provides simple InBox, SentBox support.

    'private Messages' texts are always saved in the sending or receiving phone in encoded form. 'private Messages' texts already in the inBox or sentBox cannot be decoded without the correct passphrase (i.e the one used at their creation).

    'private Messages' provides simple settings enabling users to select the level of encoding they require and also their preferred audio or visual warning options.

    Contacts can be accessed and drafts can be saved by 'private Messages' when creating a new message.

    'private Messages' is positioned as a tool which is complementary to the Android phone standard SMS/MMS application. Its messages are always contained in a single SMS message and hence transmitted using the phone’s standard SMS character support. A consequence of this is that only the recipient’s phone number is required, which can be simply ‘dialed’. No e-mail address or other contact details are required.

    Furthermore messages are restricted in length, depending on the level of encoding chosen. It is viewed that the most significant messages (i.e. the messages you are most likely to want to be confidential) are often short.

    The cost of private Messages is predictable (single SMS charges are always identified in phone contracts whereas MMS service costs often vary depending on the phone’s connectivity GPS/WI-FI).

    Whilst you may already be used to protecting data exchanged in web applications (for example the data flowing over ‘https’ protocol using SSL), it’s possible that you may have overlooked the protection of the SMS messages which you use multiple times in a day. Using 'private Messages' you are significantly decreasing the risk of your messages being viewed by undesired recipients.

    As many recent events suggest, leaving your personal data unprotected can come at a high cost.

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