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Public Speaking AID Profession

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    Public Speaking AID Profession

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    Public Speaking AID - Professional

    Quickly and effectively practice and video record for public speaking engagements. Use the smartphone or tablet you already own and always have with you anyway!

    Video features are now packaged neatly for you to critique yourself and improve your Public Speaking generally, and improve the delivery of any given Speech specifically through potentially lots and lots of practice. Either or both of the mp4 or 3gp video formats should work for you. Video files are managed through OI File Manager which is available free from the Google Play Site.

    The AID Speech Timer Professional version is included. Three indicator colors are used: green, yellow and red. Begin in a green state for obvious reasons. The yellow color indicates a certain amount of time has passed and a certain amount of time remains at the time you set. The red color indicates that all allocated time is over. Maximum elapsed time is tracked up to a set time determined by the following formula: (Allotted Time + (Allotted Time *2)). By detailed proprietary visual and programming design, during the last fifteen seconds the background unmistakably flashes between yellow and red.

    A hot-link to Hovernote(TM) is provided which allows you to write and read text documents (ie. your speech) while video recording or while timing. Hovernote(TM) can be purchased through the Google Play Site for your phone or tablet

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