Instant SMS with call blocker and auto-reply SMS features.
    Create new messages with audio from your file or just record audio stright from the application.
    Plays your phone contact spoken name ( your recording ) to hear who is calling when driving a car.

    Note: You need to add app widget to your device screen after installation !


    - animated widget on the device screen,
    - built in the application SMS patterns with proffesional audio playback,
    - incomming calls blocker,
    - auto response SMS for blocked incomming calls,
    - spoken name played when incomming call blocked,
    - supports wav , mp3, amr formats.
    - car mode
    - spoken names and messages ( Text-To-Speech needs to be active on the device )

    Below SMS messages have proffesional voice recordings built in the app:
    (Note that the voice quality on the demo video presentation is worse than from real device.

    - Call me please.
    - Call me now!
    - I will call you in a moment.
    - Just Arrived.
    - Just Arrived. I'm waiting for you.
    - Just Arrived. Please wait for me.
    - Just leaving/starting.
    - Will be late.
    - Will be in 5 minutes.
    - Will be in 10 minutes.
    - Will be in 15 minutes.
    - Will be in 30 minutes.
    - Will be in 1 hour.
    - I'm cancelling. I can't arrive.
    - I'm at home.
    - I'm at work.
    - I'm driving a car - please call me later.
    - I'm driving a car - I'll calll you later.

    - Message sent.
    - Message not sent.

    ! Note - this free version has limitations.

    Copyright GIMIN Studio. 2013.

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