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    Do you send the same SMS message to the same person on a regular basis? Then this application may be for you.

    Quick SMS is designed to allow you to set up a message to send to the same phone number with a single click. For example, you may send a "Leaving work" or "Getting on the train" message to your partner each day at a different time so that they know you are on your way home.

    This application comes with a set up screen and a widget.

    On the set up screen you can enter the phone number or choose it from your contacts list, and enter the text of your message.

    You may also chose the following preferences via the settings menu:
    * Timestamp - select this option to prefix your message with the current time in the format "HH:MM" with an AM/PM indicator.
    * Confirm Send - select this option to have a pop up confirmation dialogue displayed when selecting to send message
    * Test Mode - select this if you want to try out the application, but avoid inadvertently sending any messages - but don't forget to de-select this option when you are ready to use.
    * Display Duration - choose between a short and long display duration for on-screen messages

    Once you have set up the details, you may start sending your messages.

    On the set up screen, select the "Send Message!" button to send the message.

    To enable even quicker sending, there is a 1x1 widget which you may add to your home screen. Just press the widget to send your message.

    When the message is sent, either via the set up screen or the widget, it will be recorded in the phone's standard messaging history, so that you can see that it has been sent and review as normal through the message history.

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