RapidSMS APP is a FREE messaging app for recipients to receive messages & “rich content” from organisations they are in touch with.

    Why use RapidSMS App?

    *Receive Rich Content*
    Switch from traditional SMS to RapidSMS App to receive photos, videos, PDF, documents.
    E.g. If you are a parent, you receive PDF notices and photos from your children’s schools
    E.g. If you are a customer of a product, you get latest soft copy product guides and videos to instantly browse

    *Quick Reply*
    Reply to an RSVP request or poll without typing.

    *Spam Free*
    Through stringent sign up process, only reputable organisations with ongoing communication relationship with you can communicate with you on this app.

    *No additional fees*
    RapidSMS uses WIFI or your phone's internet connection to receive message, so you don't have to pay to receive or reply message.

    *More features*

    For Organisations
    RapidSMS provides desktop applications & APIs to help you send messages & multi-media content to your recipients effectively.
    If you are an interested organisation looking for a trusted channel to communicate via RapidSMS, please email to

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