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    Rapidsoft Systems’ rDialer Calling Card(CC) Dialer is an Open calling card dialer that helps you automate your calling card or prepaid calls with any card, or VOIP or Telephone vendor.

    **Available for OEM White Labeling. Over 20+ Skins Available to OEMs.**

    It is NOT attached to any particular provider so you can use with any provider and or any calling card. You can also use it as a Call Though Dialer to automatically dial through PBxes (VOIP switches).

    White Labeled version of the same are also available through VOIP companies around the world. We supply rDialer Calling Card Dialer, SIP Dialer and/the Call Back Dialers to VoIP operators around the world.

    Once you have configured your local access number and Pin (optional), you don't have to remember it again.

    You can straight away dial the actual international number saving you time to dial.

    rDialerCC is supported 24x7 by a Mid Size US company. Call us if you run into any problem.

    It has two modes: calling card with Pin and Pin-Less dialing.

    - Easy to use: Access number & pin of calling card/ access server can be predefined, users doesn't need to enter again.

    - Multi-card support (iPhone Only).

    - The application automatically syncs with all your phones contacts.

    - You can dial manually or the application will dial directly from the contacts tab.

    - Works over a cellular network, no wireless or Wi-Fi data connection needed.

    - Attractive Dial Pad Design.

    - No Advertisement.

    - Tested with multiple operators.

    Note: Some US Operator require a Language Selection option before dialing the actual number. You can add that number (1 (English) or 2 (Spanish) to the PIN and it should work. For example, if your PIN is 100 try entering it as 1100.


    Rapidsoft systems also offers white labeled rDialerCC for VOIP operators to allow mobile users to make Pinless long distance or international calls. rDialerCC is available for service providers who can use this calling card dialer and get it integrated with their existing calling card server.

    These dialers use DTMF dial tone to dial out a called party number. Since these dialers don't use SIP, they can work anywhere and on any cellular network. However, these dialers use local cellular minutes of the users. We provide separate SIP dialers that are designed for VoIP network where SIP is an appropriate medium for calling.

    - The operator version of dialer provides selection of local access number. A list of access number can be preloaded on the phone or can be updated from a server.

    - Available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry all versions including touch screen phones.

    Feel free to call us if you run into any problem, and we will provide necessary support.

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