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    Rapidsoft Systems' rDialer Softphone is both intuitive to use and highly configurable Open SIP Dialer with a great voice quality with Call Recording Ability. Unlike many other SIP dialer, our rDialer simply works. We have tested with many different switches and operators.

    It can be used with any SIP PBX, VoIP Provider, Asterix PBX or VOIP Vendor.

    **Available for OEM White Labeling. Over 20+ Skins Available to OEMs. Call Recording is Standard.**

    It is NOT attached to any particular provider so you can use with any provider and or your own VOIP PBX in the office.

    White Labeled version of the same are also available through VOIP companies around the world. We supply rDialer Calling Card Dialer, SIP Dialer and/the Call Back Dialers to VoIP operators around the world.

    With many useful features such as Call Recorder and Integrated help text, you will get using this softphone in no time. Will work with every SIP server or VoIP operator.

    This dialer is a consumer version of our SIP dialer available to operators on white labeled basis.

    Rapidsoft Systems' rDialer Softphone also has the highly configurable Network and Media settings for advanced VoIP users and the needs of business users. It includes support for many different advanced codecs, advanced echo cancellation and, most importantly, call recording ability.

    rDialer SIP SoftPhone is supported 24x7 by a Mid Size US company. Call us at any time, if you need support.

    This SIP Dialer SoftPhone is not tied to any particular operator or service provider, hence you can use it with any operator or with your own SIP PBX or SIP Server. It does not come bundled with any VOIP service. A SIP server or subscription with a SIP-based VoIP provider is required to make calls

    Check out the great features of Rapidsoft Systems' rDialer Softphone for Android.

    - Select the network type WiFi, WiMax and/or 3G cellular Networks.

    - Attractive Dial Pad design with clearly laid out keys and buttons.

    - Clear Indication of Phone's Server "Registration" status with Green or Red status circle on the dial pad. It means no struggling to find out if you are currently registered or nonregistered.

    - Excellent sound quality includes HD quality broadband Codecs.Make an in app purchase to add G.729 Annex A for great quality over 3G networks.

    - Call Recording Option (Follow local laws on call recording).

    - Mute Button, Microphone and Volume Control.

    - Speakerphone Support.

    - Detailed call history log.

    - Contact List – leveraging the phone’s native address book.

    - Ability to generate DTMF tones while in call, to control various PBX features or automated systems (use audio, rfc 2833 or SIP INFO).

    - Network Settings: WiFi Keep Alive, Mobile Keep Alive, DNS SRV Support, Compact SIP support, Secure SRTP support.

    - Wide Range of Codec Support - Many codecs (HD codecs, optimized codecs) G722, Speex, SILK, G.729, ILBC etc.

    - Echo cancellation.

    - ICE and STUN server support, automatic service discovery using DNS SRV queries.

    We have tested it many networks or phones, but if you see a problem call us or email us for support.


    Rapidoft Systems also offers white labeled rDialer for VOIP operators to allow mobile users to make calls using their network. The SIP dialer will be integrated with their network and the switches.

    Feel free to call us if you run into any problem, and we will provide necessary support.

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