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    Reject++ : Reject Incoming Call with Handy SMS & Smart Reminder. It's Different!

    With R++ you can reject calls with predefined SMS Text, Smart Reminder, or Both. With Handy SMS Text & various scheduling options to remind you to return the call back.

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    Reject++ Main Feature:
    #1. Reject a call by SMS only, Reminder only, or Both.

    #2. Reject with SMS Features:
    - Fully customizable & unlimited SMS Templates to predefine what to send when rejecting a call .
    - Each SMS Template has a Tag and Message Text, the Tag is what you see during the call in the slider and choose from, the Message is what actually get sent. This gives you better visibility when you are busy and want to choose what SMS to send but also do not want to read a lot of confusing text lines in the sliding panel, and also this gives you better chance to send full length SMS text while keeping your sliding panel looks tidy and comfortably showing descriptive tags.
    - Custom SMS option if the situation needs a handy way to reject with a message undefined in SMS Templates.

    #3. Reject with Smart Reminder Features:
    - When you rejected a call with a Reminder action, the scheduling engine comes to play to choose the best time slot to remind you about that call.
    - Different Scheduling Options to use like
    ... Fixed Duration: Every 2 Hours (configurable)
    ... Free Slots: Tell the scheduling engine about 3 slots you are usually free during the day (i.e. lunch break, after work, before bed time, etc) and the scheduling engine will schedule your reminders to these slots on first available bases.
    ... Last Reminder: This makes the scheduling engine schedule a new reminder aligned with the last pending reminder you have (useful when you do scheduling manually, schedule the first one and the engine takes care of the rest for you. And if first call was automated and there is no last caller yet, the engine schedules to Fixed Duration for the first one).
    ... Custom Time: As the name says, schedule whoever on whenever you want. You can Reject your client or your friend call with 'I am currently traveling....' and schedule a reminder after one week when you back from your leave to call him/her back.

    - Scheduling a reminder after rejecting a call can be done manually (you choose when) or automatically (the engine forces a default schedule you predefine).

    - Manage Reminder: Reminders Screen helps you at any time to view & manage your overdue or pending reminders, you can reschedule reminders to another time or remove no longer needed reminders.

    - Reject++ is smart, if a reminder is scheduled for someone, and that someone called you again (and you answered), or you called him back by yourself, R++ will automatically remove that specific reminder for you immediately as it is no longer need when you get in touch with your caller.

    #4. Status Bar Notifications:
    When Reject++ wants to communicate with your for some reason (i.e. a reminder is due), a notification will be pushed to the status bar.
    Notifications work if the application is not opened or not active as well as if your phone is locked/sleep.
    Sound & Vibration for notifications is also switchable ON/OFF.

    #5. Incoming Call Simulator:
    No need to wait for a real call to try Reject++ or to check how different options may work for you, the built in simulator is there to let you try "All Features" conveniently. Moreover, if you reject a virtual simulator call by SMS, you will see the SMS in your SMS app“Virtual Non-Operator SMS” that cost you nothing.

    #6. R++ Works through your mobile screen when OFF, Locked, or Pattern Guarded, no need to unlock your phone during a call to handle R++.

    #7. More smart features and behavior which we will let you find them out by yourself while trying Reject++

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