RemoteMobileAssistant Lite




    RemoteMobileAssistant is a very useful application for every mobile user. Many time we forget our mobile phone some where and

    we in those cases we lost our connection with important phone calls and messages or our confidential data is leaked from phone, in

    such situations RemoteMobileAssistant is your assistant who resides in side your mobile phone and act according to your commands

    to rescue. It's there to provide you all the required information related to what all calls you missed, what all messages you have

    in your inbox.
    RemoteMobileAssistant has many functionality like, it will message your missed call numbers on any other number, it will send

    you unread messages on any other number and you can lock your mobile phone remotely as well. RemoteMobileAssistant has following

    - Get missed call list
    - Get unread SMSes
    - Send SMS to all missed call numbers
    - Send SMS to specific one number
    - Send SMS to specific multiple numbers
    - Lock mobile
    - Get help
    For such functionality, You just need to send an pre-formatted SMS to your mobile number from any other mobile number and it will

    act accordingly.
    The lite version have following functionality.
    - Get missed call list
    - Get help
    To access all functionality please download the full version.