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    Still listening to TRING TRING or Ring Back Tone in the 21st CENTURY!

    Start using Ring Back Data! It is an equivalent of popular RingBack Tone Service in the data world.

    Handcrafting Quality apps which are Extremely Easy to Use!

    Whenever one makes or receives a call, a user generally has some time available after the calling number is dialed or while the incoming call has just arrived. Application utilizes this time and provides wisdom of the world at your fingertips!


    - Usage is very simple. After downloading/installing the application, no other action is required by the user. The application automagically! starts showing the relevant information whenever one makes or receives a call.

    - Quotes are picked randomly from the selected author list, thus providing a new experience everytime.

    - It has more than 10,000+ database of Quotations from famous personalities of the world like Einstein, Edison, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe and a whole lot more from diverse fields like Business, Sports, Politics, Science, Cinema, Arts, Philosophers, Writers.

    - NO INTERNET/DATA CONNECTIVITY is required by the application as all it’s data is stored locally in the phone, hence NO Data Usage charges.

    - NO MONTHLY/RECURRING CHARGES! Pay once and enjoy forever.

    - Users can customize the Color of the text of the quotes through an easy to use Color Picker user interface.

    - Users can customize the Author list as per ones interest.

    - Users can also customize the display location - Top, Middle or Bottom of the screen as per convenience.

    - Application has been designed with utmost care on User Interface. The information display doesn't affect the Incoming/Outgoing call screen in any way. Infact the display is small in size and is semi-transparent. All the buttons like dialling of DTMF digits continue to work in regular way.

    - An innovative and efficient way to utilize your precious time more productively. Make the best use of your time instead of hearing songs, Hello Tunes, music, caller tunes, Ringtones set by others.

    - Enjoy your "Knowledge Bytes" in every call!

    We ensure quick responses to user suggestions and queries.

    You can reach us at

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