Romantic Screen Locker




    Come to try out this new romantic screen locker here! This Romantic Screen Locker allows 4 methods to unlock the screen and get quick access to SMS/CALL/CAMERA/HOME launcher.

    Totally free for Android users
    Works with Android mobiles
    Show us a romantic background with a kissing couple
    Display date, time and day of week
    Supply us with 4 launchers of SMS/CALL/CAMERA/HOME
    Supports to drag romantic heart to different launcher to unlock

    1. SET
    Select ringtone or vibration to remind us of unlocking here as we wish.
    Full screen can give us a full screen of romantic background here with a kissing couple here.
    Status bar can not only supply us with romantic background but also show us status bar to know more about Android devices.
    Shortcut key SEARCH key can fast unlock the screen for us in emergency situations.

    2. LOCK
    Enable this screen locker and when the screen turns off automatically or manually, this Romantic Screen Locker will run for us.

    3. UNLOCK
    -Press POWER key to activate the screen and we can get such a beautiful background.
    -Except for date, time and day of week, when you touch the romantic heart, we can also get 4 shortcuts here.
    -There are 5 methods to unlock the screen here.
    Method 1: drag romantic heart to SMS icon and we can quickly edit messages and unlock the screen at the same time.
    Method 2: if you want to make a quick call, just drag romantic heart to call icon to unlock the screen and make a call as you wish.
    Method 3: likewise, drag romantic heart to camera to take a picture if you need.
    Method 4: drag to locker icon and we can go directly into home screen.
    Method 5: if you¡¯ve enabled shortcut key, you can long press SEARCH key to quickly unlock the screen here.

    Come to try these 5 methods of unlocking the screen. You will love it.

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