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    Walking alone at night? Feeling unsafe in a particular situation? Use SafetyNet to be your direct lifeline to your most trusted family, friends and loved ones.

    SafetyNet is the leading mobile safety app that will send emergency notifications with a push of a button to your preloaded contacts in times of urgent need.

    Heres How it Works:
    1. Preload your emergency contacts either manually or import them through Facebook.
    2. When an emergency happens just push the big “Alert” button and text messages will be instantly sent to your contacts with an emergency message and your exact location.
    3. Then you will have the ability to directly call 911 from the app or share your emergency and location across your social networks.

    Other Features Include:
    • “Check-in” functionality that with one click of a button will notify your pre populated contacts that you have arrived to a destination safely.
    • Stores your insurance and medical information for quick reference or to aid emergency workers who need to provide you help.
    • Ability to alert people automatically if there is an emergency directly through Facebook and Twitter.
    • More features to keep you safe coming soon!

    Be sure to download SafetyNet so next time an emergency happens you can push a button and feel confident that help is on the way!

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