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    Published: 2015-03-30, by .

    Sanity lets you control how and when you receive phone calls.

    • Urgent calls
    • Block calls, number
    • Record calls
    • Glitchy
    • Must upgrade

    "Keep Your Sanity With Sanity"


    The Sanity app lets you control just about every aspect of phone calls. You can opt to record certain calls automatically, have the phone verbally say who is calling, block unwanted calls (whether they are in your contacts or not), urgent calls (so you never miss an important one), block your phone number and more! It works pretty well, although sometimes it does glitch and seems to have issues with muting (sometimes it mutes everything, other times it refuses to mute at all). My biggest complaint, the best options aren't available on the free version.


    The Sanity app lets you gain control of your phone calls in so many ways. It has features you never knew you wanted until you've got them.


    The app is sometimes glitchy and to get full options, you have to upgrade to the pro version.

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    by Molly

    Mar 30, 2015


    Sanity makes your phone calls better, easier and healthy. Sanity is your personal assistant to:

    - audio record your phone calls in mpeg4, 3gpp or amr format (also automatically)

    - announce caller and SMS: speak the caller's name when receiving a call or a message using the synthesized voice (text to speech)

    - block unwanted calls and SMS: automatically refuse incoming calls and SMS filtering out the phone number (include or exclude anonymous and/or unknown numbers, favourites, contacts and groups; enable the block by choosing date and time); advanced: choose between different block methods to confuse the caller!

    - auto answer: automatically answer the call when phone is ringing by choosing phone numbers, date and time and if respond only when using headphones.

    - urgent calls: choose what phone numbers your phone will ring or vibrate also when it's in silent mode

    - automatic speakerphone: automatically turn on/off the handsfree when the phone is far/close to your ear

    - outgoing anonymous calls: make private calls by hiding your caller ID (also automatically by filtering the phone numbers to call)

    - reduce electromagnetic waves: automatically turn on/off wifi, bluetooth, GPS and mobile data (2G/3G) when you speak at your phone

    - choose different volume levels during calls: one for normal calling, loud handsfree, wired heasets volume and bluetooth headsets volume

    - automatic bluetooth headsets: automatically enable bluetooth for a limited time when the call starts

    - timeouts for restoring silent mode and airplane mode: just enable the silent/aiplane mode (in any way) and Sanity will ask you how much time to stay in that mode

    - vibrate the phone when the call begins and when the call ends.

    - fast sms: displays the received SMS allowing you to respond immediately.

    Sanity uses proximity sensor for turning on/off automatically the antennas and the handsfree when the phone is close to your ear.
    In this way, Sanity can make your calls healthier by lowering the electromagnetic fields.
    It can be also useful while you're driving car: throught automatic handsfree, the headsets are no longer needed.

    Most of Sanity features are configurable through the most advanced phone number filter: choose whether to activate a function for all numbers or for anonymous numbers, unknown numbers, contacts (all or some), favorite contacts, contact groups and also filter by prefix number.

    Sanity is light, small and very fast.
    Sanity is a free software, opensource, released under GNU Public License version 3.

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    Rose Drysdale

    by Rose Drysdale

    Oct 12, 2017  |  "OK"

    I like the app, it has loads of functions, some which I haven't yet explored fully, however the one function I really needed, doesn't work on my android ver 5.1 phone. Auto Answer. Any hints on how I can get it to work would be helpful, perhaps I've missed a tick somewhere?

    Abhishek Joneja

    by Abhishek Joneja

    Sep 29, 2017  |  "Great"

    An awesome recording app.. perfectly compatible to samsung and moto phones and many other phones. Four starts coz at times it crashes. I wish devoper fixes the crash issue. Crash issue only happens 3 out of 100 times. Otherwise a super app.

    Bk Moise

    by Bk Moise

    Sep 29, 2017  |  "Good"

    Nice app - but what happened? When I had this app on my Samsung Galaxy note 3, I loved it but now that I have it on my Galaxy S8 there seems to be a function missing. How come I'm not able to record both parties anymore? When I listen to a recording, all I hear is myself and not the user that I was talking to. How come that feature no longer works? Other than that I like this app a lot but that was the main reason I downloaded it :-(

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Sep 24, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Auto answer Does not work on Galaxy Note 4.... Android 6.0

    Mickey Mouse

    by Mickey Mouse

    Sep 13, 2017  |  "Good"

    Am I loosing sanity? There seems to be no way of recording my own auto-answer.

    Ahmad Rezayi

    by Ahmad Rezayi

    Aug 30, 2017  |  "Awesome"