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    SAYTYA - Free or very cheap voice and conference calls to your LinkedIn contacts worldwide

    Is SAYTYA just another VoIP App like Skype or Viber?

    NO - SAYTYA is a brilliant idea come true: Call VoIP to Cell for FREE.

    Why did we invent SAYTYA?

    - VoIP works great when you are at home connected to your WiFi
    - VoIP is a hassle when you’re on the move because it is unreliable, uses up your valuable data plan, drains your battery and is often restricted or not allowed by your provider!
    - It's that easy: classic cell calls are perfect on the move, where VoIP calls over the internet are perfect while you are connected to WiFi
    - Normal international cell calls are way too expensive

    SAYTYA offers the brilliant solution:

    - SAYTYA uses VoIP with a WiFi connection for FREE national and international calls in HD Quality
    - SAYTYA uses national calls on your cellular network even for international calls - so basically FREE international calls or at maximum the rate of local calls if you are still charged for minutes

    How does SAYTYA work? Let's find out through an everyday situation:

    - Peter is at home in Germany connected to WiFi and wants to call Susie in a cab driving downtown New York City
    - Peter does not need Susie's phone number - Facebook is SAYTYA's address book
    - Peter calls Susie via VoIP
    - Susie gets an incoming call notification and after she accepts the call, her SAYTYA app dials a US landline number and Peter and Susie are connected via the SAYTYA cloud
    - Now they can have a reliable international call - Peter via VoIP for free and Susie via a classic national cell call at maximum costs of a local call if she is still being charged for local minutes.

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