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    *** Attention!! ***

    CAN-bus models, like Vectra C, Astra H, Zafira B, Corsa D, Insignia, Astra J, etc,. are not and will be not supported in this app! Please do not leave negative reviews only because you could not find these models in the application!

    The app for the newer models ScanMyOpelCAN can by found here:


    Demo version of ScanMyOpel software for Opel/Vauxhall diagnostics. It is primarily targeted for car enthusiasts to let them diagnose their own cars.

    Now in English, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, German and Finnish!!

    Now supports Engine, ABS, Automatic Transmission, SRS, Power Steering and BCM diagnostics!

    ScanMyOpel Lite features include:
    - native support of Electronic control units used in Opel/Vauxhall cars, which distinguishes ScanMyOpel from many other diagnostic applications providing only limited generic OBDII support
    - monitoring various dynamic parameters of engine, automatic transmission, ABS, Power steering and other ECUs
    - reading of static data: ECU identification, fault codes with their current statuses and symptoms
    - clearing of fault codes
    - (Full version only) Displaying environment information on trouble codes where applicable
    - (Full version only) Displaying nominal values of livedata parameters where applicable
    - Actuator tests for selected ECUs.

    The limitations of the demo version are:
    - No active diagnostic procedures available
    - The number of displayed trouble codes is limited by one
    - The number of monitored parameters is limited by two to five
    - Only 1 actuator test procedures will be available
    - No additional info on faults codes and livedata parameters
    - Ads will be displayed
    - Trouble codes can not be erased on ECUs, other then Engine ECU

    Fault code status meanings:
    red - present
    yellow - intermittent
    green - not present

    During actuator tests it is possible to monitor livedata parameters. Actuator test lasts 30 seconds, then it stops automatically. User can stop test at any time before 30 seconds expired.

    Current software version supports ONLY engines of the following Opel/Vauxhall models:
    - Agila A
    - Astra F (MY96+)
    - Astra G
    - Corsa B (MY97+)
    - Corsa C
    - Frontera A (25TDS engine)
    - Frontera B (X22DTH/Y22DTH engines only)
    - Meriva A
    - Omega B (MY97+, except X25XE/X30XE/X20SE/Y25DT engines)
    - Speedster
    - Tigra (MY97+)
    - Tigra B
    - Vectra B
    - Zafira A

    The ECU type is detected automatically.

    ScanMyOpel supports ELM327-based Bluetooth/WiFi interfaces on all Android devices. Please note - could be compatibility issues with some noname ELM327 interfaces. If you are experiencing problems with establishing stable connection with the ELM327 interface, please send us logs files for troubleshooting.

    Recommended ELM327 version is 1.4/1.4+. Proper connection with Chinese versions of ELM327, other then 1.4 is not guaranteed. Recommended interface - ObdLinkMX.
    Dont use cheap Chinese v2.1 ELM adapters, they in most of the case will not be able to work properly with our application.

    Additional info on recommended interfaces:

    In case of any issues with app it is possible to save log and forward it on for troubleshooting. From application's slider menu it is possible to enable logging as well as to send logs to us.

    Please connect together pins 7, 3 , 12 and 8 in your ELM 327 interface.
    On some model diagnostic of AT/ABS can be connected to pin 3 or 12 in the OBD plug. Since in ELM only used pin 7, you may not get connected to other modules.

    Your comments and feedback are welcomed!

    *** Feel free to email ( us directly for issues and support before commenting with low ratings. Thanks! ***

    Support forum can be found here:

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