School both way communications




    This ROYAL School communicator's professional is a Both Way communication between school and students or parents.

    The PRO version of the mobile communicator provides a multilingual fast communication between your educational institution or Schools and the parents or Students individually, by group or publically.

    A group based and individual based communication possibilities available in PRO version.

    Using this facilities education institution can send messages to certain CLASS OR CLASSES, groups like MUSICAL GROUP, SPORTS GROUP or SCOUTS GROUP.

    By providing the Keys for each student we can secure the service and its communication.

    1. Multilingual communication including images based communication
    2. Class based or group based communication. The selected students, group or class of the student’s parents will get the communication.
    3. Single students' communication like absents, awards and others like sickness or
    4. Forms or Approval communications
    5. Confirmations of read messages.
    6. Payments towards any communication like if a communication in related to any tour then the changes can be paid through credit/debit card.
    7. Back office software solution to manage the communication and integration with your existing administration software.
    8. This communicator is a booth way 24/7 real time communicator in related to informal communication or reply communication with or without eforms and or payment.
    9. Through this communication parents can send a communication to the school using a Password.

    How the mobile apps works?
    You as an education institution use a back office software solution for Light version or Professional version to publish or communicate the Newsletter or informative communication. The mobile applications could be down loaded by parents or students from global mobile market place for free or for a small payment.

    The PRO Version process

    • If professional version the mobile users will download your mobile application from global mobile market place, in your web site or other private mobile market places.
    • You as a administration will provide an activation key for each student using the back office solution we provide. This could be send through email or it could be SMS or printed.
    • Then they have to activate with a ACTIVATION KEY which belong to the student to view the individual/group based messages.
    • If they did not activate the Mobile apps they can view the public messages only.
    • As soon as the download and activation made the mobile apps work as a service of mobile and call the application if any message or news published and PING the mobile users through a POPUP Screen and a VOICE.
    • This message could be in any language like Arabic, Chinese or English individually.
    • This message could be Image with text, Text alone or image alone.
    • You can set the message to get a read message confirmation.
    • You can set certain eforms or YES/NO answers for a message and which you can view in the back office or you can create a report.
    • If you would like to receive a payment you can do so by activating the payment gateway.
    • The mobile users could bookmark and download it into the mobile under Favorite and when needed they can remove it from Favorite.
    • When you remove the message or information the mobile users cant view the messages but if the book mark a message under favorite then its is in the mobile apps.
    • The parents could communicate with few clicks to inform the SICK of the children and relevant messages.
    • The parents could apply for a non sick leave using the forms you used normally.
    • To enable unauthorized message you can enable the password protected messages from parents.
    • You as an education institution could message the parents related to the students absent and they can reply to the message you send with few clicks.