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    when you select the character icon, full screen text information that appears to scroll horizontally.

    Can be used as a means of communication with a partner.

    Retail version
    "Input Message" ---> Type the Message from the keyboard.
    "List" ---> Select from a list stored in the database.
    "Voice input" ---> Voice input.
    "Help Me!" ---> Emergency message.
    You can select four.

    Retail version
    Register and you can select the string entered by the user.
    You can also assist the user enters a voice input.

    1.Touch the icon you want to display text.
    2.When a black screen, with your right hand, against the screen Giving the appearance.
    It's best to position 20cm from the shoulder to the right.
    3.Display will start to shake once in a horizontal direction at that point.
    As it moves slowly to the left of 70cm.
    4.It also displays the same behavior many times.
    Or return to the menu on the touch screen.

    Retail version
    Manages the user's list of what you type.
    You can choose from the list view.

    Thank you

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