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    Secret Messages for Android!

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    With this app you can chat secretly with your friends through Line, WhatsApp, Spotbros, email, MMS, bluetooth, etc.
    This is useful if you have to send important info over whatsapp or mail like: passwords, card numbers, passport numbers, etc. Also you can use it if you need to chat with someone and dont want to be discovered by your parents, girlfriend, etc.

    How to hide secret messages in Line, whatsapp, spotbros, mms or email?
    - Open Hide&Seek (this app).
    - Click on Hide button.
    - Select a covert image.
    - Follow the steps (compose the secret message --> choose a password --> and choose the destination app).
    - Click next and you can send that picture with the secret information to your friends in whatsapp, spotbros, line, email or simply by mms!!

    The receiver opens the picture with Hide&Seek (this app), and using the same password he will extract the secret message.

    How to hide secret messages in WhatsApp alternatively?
    - Open WhatsApp.
    - Press the clip icon to attach media content.
    - Select attach image.
    - Select 'Hide secret'.
    - Insert the secret message into a picture and choose a password to encrypt it.
    - Press Hide button and the secret picture is sent!!

    The receiver extracts the secret message using the SAME PASSWORD!

    In this video you'll see how it works with WhatsApp:

    In any case is a secure method to chat in Line, WhatsApp, Spotbros, MMS or email, and nobody will notice that a message is inside the picture. So we can say that is safe and secure because it uses cryptography to encrypt your message, and is hidden for the rest of people because uses steganography algorithms to hide the data.

    Hide&Seek allows you to hide secret messages within any picture and share them with friends through Line, WhatsApp, email, Spotbros, MMS, bluetooth, etc.

    This is the first steganography tool that works with so many apps like whatsapp, line or spotbros! Hide&Seek works very slightly altering pixels in an image in such a way as to store secret information.

    Have a try on this new secret communication way, whereby only you and your intented receiver can view the hidden message.

    The secret message will be encrypted with a chosen password before being embedded into the picture, so only the ones who know the password will decrypt the message.

    Additional notes:
    -In whatsapp mode, Line mode, and spotbros mode, the amount of noise introduced in the picture is proportional to the number of characters hidden, so the fewer characters that we hide the less perception of the noise we'll have.
    -The generated images will be located in the gallery into a folder called "estegano".
    -There are some known issues with the memory management of some devices, the app crashes when encoding or decoding an image, that happens because the device hasn't enough memory to run it. Now I'm working in some hacks to avoid this exceptions, I'll update the app when the trick is ready.

    This app is part of my final project of degree in Carlos III university of Madrid.

    I would appreciate any suggestions for improving the app, also feedback me if something crashes. You can post your comments below or mail me.

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