Enterprise level security for the rest of US that cannot be exported to most countries!
    In-App subscription service is $9.99/mo and is compatible with Corp/Govt using SecureCell Pro.

    Designed for those needing a full encrypted solution and not just 'in transit' or End2End.

    * Encrypted texting - All Carriers, Android, Blackberry, and iPhone compatible!
    * Remote Delete - delete msgs directly off THEIR phone
    * Remote Lock - misplaced your phone or left it at home? secure your private msgs remotely with a simple sms command.
    * Remote Wipe - lost phone? Remotely delete all your private messages and cycle your encryption keys.
    * Read receipt

    Remote Lock and Wipe commands are completed using simple a text from any phone or location along with your special passphrase you setup.

    Spyware, prying eyes, interception or carrier storage... Protect your privacy - Encrypt your text messages and be sure only the intended recipient can read them and gain the power of Remote Delete and remove msgs directly from their phone! Cross Carrier, cross platform solution - Android, Blackberry, J2ME and Apple.

    Secure your communications for HIPAA, and other regulatory security concerns!

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