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    Are you tired of the NSA recording all of your communications? Then start using SecureMessage today! Using Steganography, SecureMessage hides the message directly into the pixels and NOT in the meta data. You won't even know the picture is there and neither will the NSA or other intelligence groups.

    Even if the NSA knew that there was a message and somehow knew the complex algorithm to extract it, they would not be able to decipher it. This is because your message is also encrypted with a password of your choice.

    Not only is your message safe, but prying eyes will not even know a message exists.

    To use simply select the picture, enter a password or PIN and type the message. You can then send the encoded picture to your friends, lover, business partner (don't forget to send them the PIN in a separate communication!) or save it to your device for later use.

    Steganography has been used for centuries.

    Even if someone correctly guesses the algorithm used to splice the message into the picture, they will not be able to decrypt the message without the PIN that you've used.

    Please note: Facebook manipulates the picture in a way that re-sizes and compresses it, which in effect deletes the message from the picture. Other Social sites have not yet been tested. To ensure the message is not lost send the encoded picture through MMS or email.

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