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    SecureTALK is the most secure way of making mobile calls: it uses high-end security protocols and cryptography methods.
    The barrister calls his client on a guaranteed private line, the merger talks remain unknown on the trading floor and the competitor sees the new product only when it appears on the shelves.


    SecureTALK is the safest form of mobile voice transmission: is uses high-quality security protocols and cryptography technologies, such as ZRTP, including those developed by Philip Zimmerman the creator of the PGP ("Pretty Good Privacy") algorithm that has proved itself during its 20 years existence.

    Every account can be managed remotely.
    Special encryption with a key that continually is renewed and that can never be found or used again.
    Creating an account can be done via a pre-paid mobile device to ensure anonymity.
    Conversations and messages are never saved to our servers en are always sent with the highest possible encryption level.
    Accounts can be terminated or renewed on a monthly basis.
    No extra costs for making international calls.

    How does it work?

    You call via the SecureTALK app to another user of SecureTALK; you can do this by entering the user's SecureTALK number, but you can also choose to use teh easier to remember SecureTALK user name. The app automatically connects to one of our secured encryption servers which in its turn contacts the desired other user. Every connection that is made exchanges a one-time key based on the Diffie-Hellman protocol for exchanging keys. Based on this key, the data stream is encrypted (after all, the voice is converted to zeroes and ones). Once the conversation is ended, the key is destroyed at immediately.

    Encryption and decryption takes place on your phone and that of your conversation partner, not on our servers - the secure servers only establish the first contact.

    Your calls can never be intercepted, so the sound of your voice can never be overheard.
    Easy to set up

    Buying expensive devices, a separate SIM card or being stuck to one service provider for safe and anonymous phone calls are things of the past.

    Your calls are encrypted in 3 easy steps:
    1. Download our app.
    2. Create an account.
    3. Activate the app with your account details.

    From now on your calls will be totally secure!

    The SecureTALK app is available for all Android devices, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Google and Asus. See our compatibility page for the devices tested and approved by us. The iPhone release is currently in development. Please sign up here to receive a message as soon as it becomes available.

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