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    [+] For this application to work properly, please verify you Android is running on version 4.3 or below.

    Sender Location (similar to "send your location") is a location awareness tool for Android that allows users to send and receive location based updates to and from other users. With only one click, users can send their location, with a siren notification, to let others know that they are under duress. Ultimately, this allows you to flee, or fight, instead of having to worry about making a phone call when your life depends on it. Note: Each user maintains their own "secret code," that when shared with another mobile, can access the position of the phone in near real-time. Sender is now capable of sending emails (using Gmail) with each panic notification!

    [+] Default Settings Code: 12345

    [+] Source Code:

    Some uses of Sender include:

    [+] Tracking an unlimited number of members in your family, or work, in near real-time.
    [+] Monitor you children on their way to school. In the ungodly event your child encounters a stranger, have them initiate the panic feature.
    [+] Having a baby soon? Notify your husband, or significant other, that it is happening now!
    [+] Track a small fleet of vehicles for your small business.
    [+] Have family members check-in when they are out and about on the town or in the country.
    [+] General awareness of the location of your significant others, or employees.
    [+] Emergency recall for firefighters, military, emergency units.


    [+] The GPS does NOT need to be enabled to send/receive your position, although, for best accuracy it is advised to have the GPS enabled when using Sender. In order for this to work without the GPS, location services from the network provider must be available to the application.
    [+] Worried that you will not hear the siren because your phone is on silent? That's ok, the alarm will still sound if your phone is on silent. Emergencies are emergencies, so panic will let you know if one occurs.
    [+] Locate multiple devices simultaneously, and add or delete "tags" as you deem necessary.
    [+] Need to send a panic to more than one person? No problem, Sender allows you to send your location, or a panic notification, to as many people as you have listed under your panic numbers.
    [+] A lock screen secures your settings so that once they are set, only the person with the lock code can make changes.
    [+] No Monthly Commitment, No Ads.

    [+] For detailed instructions on using Sender, please visit our developer site using the link at the bottom of this page.


    [+] Can others see my location? No, as long as they do not know your "secret code," then they will never be able to request your location. In fact, if someone tries to send the SMS string to your device, and it is incorrect, you will see something similar to *3* as a SMS in your inbox. Keep your "secret code" a secret!


    [+] Please report bugs as soon as possible so our team can fix the issue.


    [+] Tested on GSM and CDMA networks, the Samsung S4/S3/S2, Google Nexus 4.

    **Android 4.4 and greater will experience a SMS notification when attempting to track other sender apps due to increased android security in Android KitKat.
    **Sender install required on each handset to use the tracking function.
    **Google Play Services MUST be installed and up to date to use the mapping function.
    **International users must use proper phone number formatting (in some cases +).

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