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    ★ Signal Booster for Android ★

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    Signal Booster enhances your device configuration for receiving a better network signal

    • It seems to work
    • Ease of use
    • Fast access homescreen button
    • It isn't configurable
    • It requires disconnection from network while boosting

    "Loud and clear"

    "If the mountain won't come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain." Did you know that proverb? Well, that's what Signal Booster aims to do. It's obvious it won't bring the signal towers closer, at least physically. However, they can make your phone "hear" better that signal by automatically adjusting some parameters.

    Don't expect miracles. The signal enhancement depends on the distance to nearby towers, your built-in antenna, your Android OS and many other factors. However, nothing happens until something moves, doesn't it? Signal Booster for Android is making that move for you. What do you have to do? Quite easy: install the app, add "improve signal" icon to your home screen, push the button and leave it working for a while. Repeat that daily and when changing location in order to "grab" better signal from towers around. Making it work requires your action too.

    Developers warns that if you don't see an improvement on cellular signal bar, that doesn't mean that it didn't work. Try to call and make some test and you'll notice and enhancement in most of cases.

    The main catch of Signal Booster for Android is that it does everything in the background. We would like to set which parameters it should automatically adjust when pushing the button. At least, we'd like to see a log of processes done. Anyway, worthy.

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    Improve Signal & get better cell phone coverage with the FREE Signal Booster for Android app!

    Poor cellular coverage causing poor cell reception? Dropped calls due to not having better cellular coverage? Boost signal free. Have poor cell reception and need to boost signal or improve signal? Many of us live where cellular coverage is limited and need to improve reception and improve signal in order to have better cellular coverage.

    Signal Booster for Android is a signal booster for Android phones. This signal booster will dramatically improve reception, improve cellular coverage and improve signal for better cellular coverage in most areas where cellular coverage is limited. If you want to improve signal, get better cellular coverage, refresh network connections, boost signal & improve reception & cellular coverage and improve speed for CDMA / GSM phones, the Signal Booster for Android app is what you need! Did we mention this Signal Booster for Android is FREE, & that it doesn't waste battery power as you improve signal!

    No application can physically move you closer to a cell tower or make the tower send out a stronger cellular signal to your phone to boost signal & improve cell reception! However, with the Signal Booster for Android app you can achieve better cellular service, reset cellular connections & cause signal booster to connect to the strongest cell tower in your area. It will reset data connections. It will improve signal for EDGE, GPRS, 3G & 4G data speeds as well. Boost signal, with a tap of the Signal Booster icon.

    *If after downloading the Signal Booster to boost signal & improve signal, your cell signal bars don't change, this does not mean that you haven't been able to improve signal on your phone! Those cellular signal bars indicate how much power the cell Tower is sending OUT as cellular signal. What this signal booster app accomplishes is to improve cellular Reception your phone is Receiving IN to your phone. Visit a webpage or make a call to see that the signal booster really did improve cellular reception for your phone!

    Download Signal Booster for Android to improve cellular signal, improve cellular coverage, & improve cell reception.

    1. Install Signal Booster for Android to improve signal.
    2. Add "Improve Signal" or "Boost Signal" icon to your home screen.
    3. Push "Improve Signal" button & wait. It should take 20-30 seconds. You'll know it's complete when "Max Signal Achieved" shows on your screen.
    Push Boost Signal icon Daily & whenever you travel more than a few miles or just need to improve signal and boost cellular reception! Every time you drive far enough to be in an area where there is a different cell tower, your cell reception changes because it has to try to pick up the cell signal from the new cell tower. In order to improve reception, you need to tap your Signal Booster for Android app to allow it to improve signal and thus improve reception and improve cellular coverage wherever you are now.

    Improve cellular coverage and cellular reception with the Signal Booster for Android. Improve signal strength for free on your Android device without buying a cellular signal repeater. This free App will help you to connect to the strongest cellular signal with better data speed. Using the Signal Booster for Android app will insure that you have the best cell reception available.

    Updating the Signal Booster for Android on your cellular phone cannot boost cellular signal if there are no cell towers in your area! As long as you have even a weak cellular signal, this signal booster can drastically improve cellular reception.
    It is recommended that you click the "Improve Signal" button daily (or whenever you travel more than a few miles) to improve signal strength and connect to the strongest cellular signal possible with the Signal Booster for Android!

    Download the Signal Booster for Android app now, enjoy better cellular coverage and better cellular reception for free.

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