Slide Right Screen Unlock




    Slide the shortcut icon toward right to unlock the phone screen.
    This screen lock could help you to lock and unlock your phone screen in a different way.
    Show your personality by the phone screen.

    Come on to take a new experience!!!

    In fact,this is also a shortcut screen lock.

    On the main interface,you could go to different program interface by sliding different icons.
    Available shortcut icons include camera,phone and message.
    If you slide the camera icon to right,and you will get into camera interface.At this time,you could take a picture quickly and directly.
    Similarly,it is the same with phone and message.
    You could edit and send an message quickly.
    A quick phone call could also be available.
    There is another icon on the main interface---locker.
    If you slide locker to right,the interface you will go is Home screen.

    So in conclusion,you could get quick access to home,camera,phone and message on the unlocking screen.

    In addition to the shortcuts,there are various effects for the lock and unlock settings.They include the lock switcher,sound and vibration effect,lock screen setting,etc.
    Next,let me introduce them one by one.

    ---Click the check box to activate and deactivate the screen lock.

    ---You could turn on the sound and vibration effect as the unlocking reminder.

    ---The lock screen could be full screen .

    ---Also the lock screen could be expanded so that you could check some new notifications.

    ---Enable the shortcut key here.I suggest you that you should turn the shortcut key on.The shortcut key is "Find" button.Click it to unlock the screen.

    Main Features:

    Free application to download.
    Simple but delicate user interface.
    Customized for the Android devices.
    Several shortcuts are available for user.
    Offer a shortcut key in case of emergency.
    Information of time and date is accessible on the unlocking screen.
    Remind you that the screen is unlocked with sound or vibration.

    Hope you will like this screen lock.

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