Slide To Unlock




    As its name suggests,the way to unlock the phone screen is to slide.
    Simple and easy,huh???
    This screen lock is one of the most popular locker in the market.


    1.This is a free screen lock application.

    2.This screen lock is customized for Android phones and tablets.

    3.It could help you to lock and unlock your phone screen.

    4.Slide the button to unlock the screen.

    5.It takes use of your wallpaper as the background of the main interface.

    6.This screen lock is simple and easy to operate.

    7.It allows to play sound and vibration if the phone screen is unlocked.

    How to Use this screen lock:

    When you download this application to your phone,please go to settings first.
    In the settings, you could turn this screen lock on or off as you like.

    If you want to use this screen lock,you could turn it on here.
    But if you have used it for a long period and want to change another screen lock,you could turn it off.

    In addition,this screen lock could offer vibration and sound effect.
    You could set the two personalized options according to your actual need.
    Take an example.If you are attending an important meeting,you have to turn them off.

    Slide the button to unlock your phone screen.
    Come on,my friends,take the new experience.

    I would be appreciated that if you could evaluate this screen lock 5 stars.
    You know,5 stars is the greatest encouragement for us!!!

    The unlock code is verified by the handset and is generated by the network provider, usually by an algorithm such as a one way hash or trapdoor function. The algorithms used in many handsets are based on the IMEI number and the MCC code and have been reverse-engineered, stolen or leaked. Most handsets can be unlocked using software that generates an unlock code from an IMEI number and country and operator details using the algorithm specific to the handset.

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